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i’m still kinda sad/confused about leslie going home over something so simple like the man endured so many pressure tests and all that he’s worked for went down the drain bc of SALT

someone else made the same mistake earlier in the season and i don’t think they went home for it???? like

Yeah… that someone else was none other than Courtney.



you know, a good drinking game would be to watch a marathon of masterchef and to take a shot whenever anyone uses the word finesse

Take a drink every time Gordon says “stunning.”

Look at this happy boy! YAY!

Look at this happy boy! YAY!

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dollarsfordoughnuts said: Who was your fave this season? (Agt)

Christian Stoinev was my very fave, followed by Andrey Moraru. My other three faves were Emil & Dariel, AcroArmy, and Mat Franco.